We'll create web or mobile app
for 1 week with a fixed price
using no-code tools
We use a visual programming platform to get you your software product quickly and cheaply, with a fixed price that will never change
Наши клиенты
We are a no-code agency. What is it?
A team of marketers and product owners that uses a visual programming platform (Bubble, Webflow) to create websites and mobile apps through the drag-and-drop method. This is 10 times faster and cheaper than traditional development. What others do in a year, we do in a week.
Why is this cool?
Easier than finding a good marketer.
Faster than any programmer.
Cheaper than a digital agency.
More reliable than freelancers.

Products using no-code tools look and feel like products built using traditional software.
Watch this short video and you will understand everything
It's not a prototype or design layout. It's a finished product that can make money.
What can we do?
Landing page
1 week
1 week
Online store
1-2 weeks
Mobile app (iOS/Android)
1-3 weeks
Web service
or MVP
1-3 weeks
Alexa Skill
or Google Action
1 week
How does it work?
You need a website or mobile app. You can go to a developer or us. But developers make things sound very complicated to bill for extra hours to build it for you.

We want you to launch the project in a week and start receiving money from your clients. Therefore, we offer a fixed price and time frame.
Old way:
traditional developers
You don't know the final cost and terms. You can't change even one letter without a programmer.
Your idea
Project scope
Discussion and approval
Discussion and approval
Discussion and approval
HTML layout
Discussion and approval
Elimination of defects
Who does this suit?
You have a startup
and you want to get the product and first customers in a week, not months
You are an entrepreneur
and you want to quickly test your business idea and get new customers
You want to start your own business
but before you quit, you need to check the business idea
You are a product manager
and want to quickly create and test a new product
You are an employee of a corporation
and want to launch a new software product quickly
You are non-profit organization
and want to launch a new website or mobile app cheaply
What will you get?
A complete software product
that can be run in production and make money
Intellectual property rights
to your product
Access to the no-code platform
where you can to manage your website or mobile app
You will solve
one of the most painful business problems - testing your idea. You will make it easier, faster, cheaper and more reliable than any other way
Landing page for the creative center
How much: €800
Development time: 1 week
Link: kreativundfrei.de
Platform: Webflow
Website of the Swiss wine community
How much: €1,700
Development time: 1 week
Link: vinilink.com
Platform: Webflow
Online store of intimate cosmetics
How much: €2,500
Development time: 2 week
Link: sensin.me
Platform: Tilda
Social media analytics tool MVP
How much: €5,000+
Development time: 4 week
Link: popsters.com
Platform: Bubble
Mobile app for gym training
How much: €3,600
Development time: 3 week
Link: Gymshark
Platform: Bubble
How can we combine affordable and high-quality?
Our team is in Russia, which means
is the average salary of highly qualified employees
office rent for one square meter
"Why us? We are entrepreneurs. We have the same experience as all entrepreneurs with starting a new business or testing products and services. We took the best practices and arranged them in the shortest and most efficient scheme. Instead of writing technical documentation and having endless meetings, we will understand your vision and turn it into a polished software product."

Kirill R.
CEO "Nocoder"
Sign the agreement and NDA, provide an invoice
Any payment methods
Our entire team speaks English
We work in all time zones
Money-back guarantee
We are ready to refund your money if we don't do it in time.
Will I be able to put the app on my own domain or subdomain?
Absolutely. We will help you.
Who owns the IP rights to my application?
You own the rights to your web or mobile app.
    Can you improve an existing application rather than starting from scratch?
    We can if the developed was on the no-code platform (for example, Bubble, Webflow, Tilda, etc.).
    What do I submit to get started? Do I need detailed wireframes/specs?
    You just need an idea to get started. An account manager will ask clarifying questions. But if you have references or wireframes, it will make our work easier.
    Do you sign an NDA?
    Yes. Protecting your intellectual property rights is our priority.
    Let's talk about your idea
    What are you looking to build?
    What type of organization is this for?
    What is your target budget for the first version of the product? (this helps us prioritize features for your build)
    Describe what you want to build. If you have links to similar websites, a technical scope or design moсkups, add them here.
    Phone number with country code (optional)
    What is the best way to reach you? (your @nickname)
    By clicking on the button, you consent to the processing of personal data and agree with the privacy policy.

    E-mail: as@nocoder.agency